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RE: Introducing myself


>Welcome, Federico Miyara. 

Thank you.

>How would you rate the general awareness of noise issues in your country? 
~From time to time newspapers bring an article on the subject. Generally
speaking, people recognize that there is something wrong, but very few look
at noise as something more than a source of disturbance.
>Are there any active anti-noise or pro-quiet organizations?

There are some of them, but we aren't so much connected so I can't tell you
for sure how many of them we have. I can mention ASOLOFAL (Asociacion de
logopedia, foniatria y audiologia del litoral), which has a special
multidisciplinary committee advocating for ecology and noise. My laboratory,
the Acoustics and Electroacoustics Lab also is engaged in the study and
prevention of urban noise pollution. Finally, people at the CEAH (Centro de
estudios del Ambiente Humano) also takes care of this issue. 


Federico Miyara

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