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Re: Self-confidence vs. Age

In a message dated 97-06-10 21:28:14 EDT, you write:

<< The biggest irony about the ad is that, although
     the ultimate audience target is the 30-50 age group 
    (the potential car buyers), it is clearly catering to all 
    of the visual and aural stimuli that appeals to the teen 
    and 20's set. A fascinating but disappointing ad.

   Well, it's an old game.  The older I get, the more stuff
   I get in the mail telling me where to spend my money
   in order to stay  young.    The idea with the Porsche
   is to preserve the illusion of youthfulness by driving 
   an auto with a  youthful image.   When the older set 
   starts driving boom cars is when I will be ready to leave
   the planet.

   A lot of our problems would be diminished if we could
   just destroy the stigma associated with aging.

     -- Michael Wright  <---- proudly defiant old fuddy-duddy

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