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Hello from another noise-afflicted Toronto resident. I can say that, yes, 
it is true most of my 30 something friends don't want to be associated 
with the need for "peace and quiet". They seem to find it unhip to be 
"sennsitive".  My own need for such arose when I 
realized I wanted a peacful lifestyle. To that end, I try gardening with 
Noisebuster headphones AND earplugs on, and have had an unsuccessful 
"talk" with my new handyman neighbour. I concur with Kathryn from 
Seattle. Why move? My noisy downtown neighbourhood is at least not 
inundated with the daily leaf (and dust!!) blowers of the more affluent 
areas. We do put up with sleep disruption from a growing number of dogs, 
and a car that has an amplified dual muffler system. Does this make sense??

Local police yawn when  I tell them about  the car, and I think they are  
more sympathetic with the handyman than they are with an "oversensitive" 
woman like me. 

Such a strange world. I'm glad to have found the the Quiet List.

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