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Re: Herd mentality

In a message dated 97-06-08 02:15:39 EDT, Eric writes:

<< This should open up a long and fruitful discussion <g>.
 Loudness certainly is the essence of rock music (at least it is 
 today). Forty years ago when rock was in its formative years, it was 
 considerably quieter. As it grew it became progressively louder. A lot of 
 the "credit" for this can be attributed to the electric guitar and its
 over-amplification. >>

    I think the greatest factor in the increasing loudness has
    been the advances in electronic technology which have made
    far more powerful amplifiers available.

<< Youth quickly discovered that not only was the loudness exhilerating, 
 but also quite annoying to their parents and other "old folks". This is 
 our biggest problem in combating the loud rock syndrome. So long as youth 
 continues to rebel against their elders, we will have one heck of a tough 
 struggle ahead of us. For as the corporate elite have discovered, with 
 little forethought, the youth are our future.>>

    The corporate elite also are successful in exploiting and 
    manipulating the rebellious tendencies of youth into 
    channels of behavior which yield profits for their enterprises. 
    Noise-loving youth are deceiving themselves if they think   
    they are conducting some sort of meaningful "rebellion" for 
    a noble cause.   They are playing right into the hands of 
    the wealthiest echelon of their elders.

<< Think of the effect that all of the skeletal bones and cancer warnings 
 on cigarette packages is having on the youth and then you'll understand 
 how tough an uphill battle we'll have with the noise forum.  >>

    I think the anti-smoking campaign has had a substantial effect
    in reducing the prevalence of tobacco consumption, but I don't
    have any published data in front of me at the moment.

    There is an important difference between smoking and noise
    abuse.  Because many places have enacted prohibitions 
    against smoking in public, we are reaching the point where
    smokers are injuring only themselves.   Not so with noise
    abusers.   A single boom car can inflict stress, sleep
    deprivation, and aggravation on 100s of victims during a 
    10-minute excursion.

           -- Michael Wright

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