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Re: Good to know you

In a message dated 97-06-08 18:14:52 EDT, Cathryn writes:

<< It is a long winded introduction.  I beg your indulgence as 
    I have read and  waited a good while before participating.  >>

  Don't apologize at all.  Your information was quite
  welcome.  I am delighted to know that somewhere
  people are uniting to fight noise abuse.   Wisconsin's
  law against boom cars makes me envy the people of
  that state.   Is it against the law there to operate 
  businesses which provide the necessary equipment
  to have a boom car?

  I'm curious to know more about what the noise-fighters
  in Seattle are doing.  In my personal life, the biggest
  noise problems are as follows:
  1.  barking dogs -- over the years they have deprived me
       of thousands of hours of sleep and lost productivity in
       a home office situation.   I once consulted an animal
       behavior expert about this, and was advised that the
       main problem is neglect.  A barking dog nuisance is
       basically asking for more human attention.

       Solution:  Animal control ordinances need to be 
       overhauled to require that dog ownership within
       municipalities be limited to those who are given
       permits after passing an exam demonstrating
       competence in pet care and knowledge of animal 
       control law.

   2.  auto stereos -- they have inflicted the same kind of
        abuse as the dogs, but with not so great a magnitude;
        before long they will catch up unless the city improves
        its enforcement.

       Solution:  recently my town enacted a law to allow cops 
       to write tickets if they can hear the amplified source from 
       50 feet; so far, enforcement has been pretty weak; I have
       called the local PD and begged for better enforcement
       in my neighborhood, but have never seen any cops nearby
       laying in wait for violators; what they are doing in Wisconsin
       should be enacted everywhere.

   3. loud amplified entertainment noise (I hate to call it music)
       in retail establishments -- it's difficult to go out find a place
       in the OU campus area to have an intelligent conversation 
       over a cup of coffee or a drink  without being overwhelmed
       or at least distracted by amplified entertainment noise.

      Solution:  in the interest of public health and hearing
      protection, there needs to be an upper limit established
      on the decibel levels permitted from amplified sources in
      public places; aggressive public education on the health
      hazards of noise needs to be implemented and conducted
      by schools, health agencies, and health counselors;
      merchants should be prohibited by law from setting up
      outdoor speakers and blasting their noise out onto the

Is anything being done along these lines in Seattle?

   -- Michael Wright  
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