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Re: 1978 EPA Report

In a message dated 97-06-08 04:30:48 EDT, you write:

<< BTW I agree with Michael's comments about HEAR -- as we mention at the R2Q

 site, we have mixed feelings about this group which has nothing to say 
 about the real problem with rock music -- excessive amplification. In fact 
 their website (which you can link to from our "Allies" page) seems to be 
 more of a rock-appreciation site than anything else.

    I am not surprised that their web-site is mostly all about 
    rock appreciation.   Do you have the address?  Maybe
    we should all send them some email and let them know
    what we think.   As for Pete Townsend, I recall seeing
    his name in HEAR literature.   As far as I'm concerned,
    any celebrity who plays the earplug game and isn't willing
    to campaign for reduced volume is useless and counter-

           -- Michael Wright
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