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Self-confidence vs. Age

This message is from Annette Feige.

>These age-related questions need to be approached
>by funded researchers.  Are we right-to-quiet advocates
>simply a group of older people who have become 
>more sensitive to noise as we have aged?   

Not necessarily. In our society we are constantly bombarded with messages
that tell us louder is better. Playing loud music and participating in
noisy leisure activities are associated with being hip, youthful, and
fun-loving. Peace and tranquility are portrayed as boring and undesirable.

It takes guts to complain in such an environment. Nobody likes to be
perceived as a bore and a spoilsport, especially not younger people. Could
it be that as we age we gain more self-confidence and become less concerned
about peer pressure and are thus more likely to complain? That could easily
create the misconception that noise bothers only older people.

BTW, I became concerned about noise when I was in my mid-twenties.

Annette Feige
Citizens' Coalition Against Noise

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