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Re: Herd mentality

On Sat, 7 Jun 1997 Sorrento95@aol.com wrote:

>        Later this summer I am scheduled to give a talk
>        before a group of retired University of Oklahoma faculty
>        who like to concern themselves with civic affairs.  This
>        is a prestigious and potentially influential group in the
>        community.   I hope to see them place noise pollution
>        high on their list of concerns.

         Good luck with your talk. Do let us know how it goes.

>        In the meantime, have you ever heard of HEAR? 

         I certainly have.

>        The last thing HEAR wants to do is to see rock bands 
>        have to turn down their sound levels, for loudness is the
>        very essence of rock "music."

  This should open up a long and fruitful discussion <g>.
Loudness certainly is the essence of rock music (at least it is 
today). Forty years ago when rock was in its formative years, it was 
considerably quieter. As it grew it became progressively louder. A lot of 
the "credit" for this can be attributed to the electric guitar and its
  Youth quickly discovered that not only was the loudness exhilerating, 
but also quite annoying to their parents and other "old folks". This is 
our biggest problem in combating the loud rock syndrome. So long as youth 
continues to rebel against their elders, we will have one heck of a tough 
struggle ahead of us. For as the corporate elite have discovered, with 
little forethought, the youth are our future.
  Think of the effect that all of the skeletal bones and cancer warnings 
on cigarette packages is having on the youth and then you'll understand 
how tough an uphill battle we'll have with the noise forum.

             - Eric

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