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Frito Replies

The following reply came today in response to my 
protest note, reproduced below, regarding their
"1000 decibels of taste" ad campaign.

I hope other members of the list have written to
Frito about this.

   -- Michael Wright

Subj:	Re: 1000 Decibels?
Date:	97-06-07 19:24:10 EDT
From:	Consumer.Affairs@fritolay.com
Reply-to:	Consumer.Affairs@fritolay.com
To:	Sorrento95@aol.com

Dear Frito-Lay Consumer:

We have received your complaint on our Doritos "Loud" 

We must confess that in preparing this ad, we did not 
anticipate your reaction.  We have forwarded your 
comments to our advertising agency.

We appreciate you taking the time to bring your viewpoint 
to our attention.   It is only when our consumers share 
their thoughts, that we are made aware of unanticipated 
reactions to our advertising.

Thanks again for your feedback.


Frito-Lay Consumer Affairs

Reference #: NIII-3HCJCX


To: Consumer Affairs/Frito-Lay/US
From: Sorrento95 @ aol.com
Date: 05/23/97 09:49:42 AM AST
Subject: 1000 Decibels?

To Whom It May Concern:

I haven't seen it,  but fellow right-to-quiet advocates
have told me about your "1000 decibels of taste"
commercial.   Until you stop running this commercial,
I will not buy your products, and will encourage my
friends to boycott you also.

There is too much noise in our society.  I hate
loud stereos, especially those coming from autos.
I hate walking into bars, cafes, and other retail
businesses and listening to loud ugly amplified

You are promoting a problem which is already
well established:  audio addiction.

Excessive noise is a health hazard in many ways.
Hearing impairment is America's most prevalent
chronic illness, and loud stereos and rock bands
are a big contributor to the problem.   Excessive
noise also causes stress, and many are inflicted
with sleep deprivation by auto stereos and the
loud stereos of their neighbors.

There are no words sufficient to express how deep
my contempt is for what you are doing.

--  Sorrento95@aol.com

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