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Re: 1978 EPA Report

In a message dated 97-06-07 16:33:28 EDT, Eric writes:

<< >    For political reasons, I think we should use the
 >    word addiction.  It dramatizes the issue, and can
 >    also mobilize support from counselors, researchers
 >    and others who relate professionally to addictions.
      For our purposes, you are right. >>

     As a political strategy, calling it an addiction has
     other advantages.   The analogy to the smoking
     situtation is always irresistable.   Before the anti-
     smoking campaign, it was far easier to hook 
     adolescents with the idea that smoking was sexy
     and prestigious.   Now many of these have rejected
     this notion, and many smokers understand that 
     they are addicts in need of help.   This puts them
     on the defensive.

     Currently, many seek profit and/or prestige through
     noise-making.   Rock band members pursue the
     image of glamour associated with their activities.
     The pubic needs to know that what they are really
     doing is conducting routine violent assaults on the
     inner ear, while they nourish their addiction to 
     ego-expansion and attention.

     Boom car drivers also seek prestige in their peer
     community by bragging about how loud their sound
     systems are, and by continually calling attention
     to themselves as they drive down the street.

     Noise-makers need to have the prestige associated
     with what they are doing stripped away.   Their
     stature can be considerably diminished by labelling
     them as addicts who are harming others while
     feeding their addiction.

              -- Michael Wright

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