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Hearing loss...

On Sat, 7 Jun 1997 Sorrento95@aol.com wrote:

>    A lot of what I hear coming out of speakers in bars,
>    restaurants, and  other public places is unintelligible.
>    The bass & percussion is in the foreground, and the
>    melody  and vocals -- if at all present -- are in the
>    background.  I often have to struggle to understand
>    any of the words, ...
>    ... Do you have the same experience, or do you find the
>    words to these kinds of recordings easy to understand?

     I thought it was a bit presumptuous of the club owner to question 
your hearing, but from your own admission it sounds like you may have 
lost some of your high end hearing. Melody and vocals are typically in 
the mid to high end, the first to be affected in hearing loss. The bass
and percussion belong to the low end of the frequency spectrum and aren't 
as easily lost.

>       Is CCAN in Canada, the US, or both places?

 The bulk of our members are in the Toronto area,
but we have supporters all over North and South America.

- Eric

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