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Re: Herd mentality

In a message dated 97-06-07 15:43:58 EDT,  Eric writes:

<<     It's one thing to tell them to turn it off, another to turn it down. 
 I can forsee a trend down the distant road where the pop performers have 
 "toned down". This will be a direct result of our pioneering efforts

       I share your hope that our efforts will be successful.  
       Later this summer I am scheduled to give a talk
       before a group of retired University of Oklahoma faculty
       who like to concern themselves with civic affairs.  This
       is a prestigious and potentially influential group in the
       community.   I hope to see them place noise pollution
       high on their list of concerns.

       In the meantime, have you ever heard of HEAR?  That
       stands for Hearing Education Awareness for Rockers.
       it is a San Francisco-based group which has been around
       for several years.

       I obtained their literature in the early 90s.  In fairness, I'll
       say that maybe they've changed.   At the time I was
       disappointed at what I saw.

       The group struck me as being mainly concerned about
       the possibility of the government regulating sound levels
       at rock concerts.   Of course, this and other stringent 
       noise control efforts is exactly what we need, and they
       fear it.

       Their strategy has been to organize their own group and
       say "Hey look, we're doing something about it !  We don't
       need to be regulated."

       Their president, herself a rock band member,  admitted to 
       the fact that she "thrives" on loud music even though she 
       is 40% hearing-impaired.
       The only "solution" they offer is to "educate" about the
       hazard of hearing impairment and to "suggest" that attendees
       at rock concerts wear earplugs.   Of course, this is a nonsense
       solution, and only underscores the absurdity of the times we
       live in.  Real music should be a positive experience -- not a
       threat to health and something to be obstructed by earplugs.

       The last thing HEAR wants to do is to see rock bands 
       have to turn down their sound levels, for loudness is the
       very essence of rock "music."

       Trusting HEAR to educate about hearing loss is like trusting
       the tobacco companies to educated about the hazards of

            -- Michael Wright  

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