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Re: 1978 EPA Report

In a message dated 97-06-07 09:25:05 EDT, Eric writes:

<< >    I have had young people tell me that they cannot go to
 >    sleep without the stereo turned on.  Others admit that 
 >    they cannot study without the stereo.  Look around at
 >    all the joggers and roller bladers with stereo earphones. 
      All could be examples of noise/music habituation/conditioning. In 
 other words, have their favourite media icons/idols start a new craze for 
 some other "thing to do" and watch how quickly the herds will follow and 
 _not miss their previous habits at all. 

     I'm afraid this won't happen.  Do you think Madonna, Michael 
     Jackson, U 2, and others are going to tell people they 
     should turn off their TVs and stereos and read?   Primarily, 
     these icons don't operate through the print media, but
     through the audio/visual electronic media.

          -- Michael Wright
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