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Re: 1978 EPA Report

In a message dated 97-06-07 04:19:25 EDT, Noise - Citizens Against writes:

<<  I think the public simply  has a bad habit. A very 
  bad habit. In many ways they are being "victimized" 
  however. Just as the tobacco companies are to be 
  blamed for their campaign to hook smokers of all 
  ages, particularly the youth, the  commercial 
  establishments, retail environment, the media (radio, 
  T.V.),  movie moguls, entertainment industry, etc. etc.
  are to be blamed for  hooking the public on wall-to-wall
   music/noise >>

   Well, I don't want to be too much of a bleeding heart
   for these "victims" who have to have their noise because
   they have been conditioned this way.   They would have
   my sympathy if they wouldn't inflict their noise on me.

   I want the guys driving by my houses with boom cars
   to be victims even more.  I want them to have to pay
   a $50 fine every time they turn their boom car on in 
   the city limits.  After three tickets of this nature I
   want them to lose their driver's licenses.

   I think the manufacture and distribution of equipment
   for making boom cars should be outlawed, and violators
   should face legal penalties also.

   As for the addiction vs habit issue, I have heard 
   people say they can't go to sleep without the stereo.
   Others say they can' t study without it.  These
   circumstances strike me as indicators of addiction.
   For political reasons, I think we should use the
   word addiction.  It dramatizes the issue, and can
   also mobilize support from counselors, researchers
   and others who relate professionally to addictions.

     -- Michael Wright
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