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Re: Research Questions

In a message dated 97-06-07 04:43:45 EDT, Eric writes:

<< I had my hearing tested twice a couple of years ago. Normal hearing.>>

   OK, then you can be my research subject.

   A lot of what I hear coming out of speakers in bars,
   restaurants, and  other public places is unintelligible.
   The bass & percussion is in the foreground, and the
   melody  and vocals -- if at all present -- are in the
   background.  I often have to struggle to understand
   any of the words, which are often little more than
   repetitive trivial banalities and really not worth hearing.

   Do you have the same experience, or do you find the
   words to these kinds of recordings easy to understand?
 > These age-related questions need to be approached
 > by funded researchers.  Are we right-to-quiet advocates
 > simply a group of older people who have become 
 > more sensitive to noise as we have aged?   
   Not if you go by CCAN members/supporters. I think this is a misconception.
 I do agree that as we age, in general we become more noise-sensitive. But 
 young and old alike are becoming more and more "uncomfortable" with the 
 volume level and dose of noise inflicted upon them on a daily basis.

    Well, this is in conflict with my own admittedly informal 
    observations, but I hope you are right.  I would be delighted
    to know that there are young people fed up with the noise
    culture.   Is CCAN in Canada, the US, or both places?

       -- Michael Wright


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