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RE: 1978 EPA Report

Hi Peter,

> Careful, Eric, you might start a debate!

 Let the fun begin <g>.
> Anyway I'm not sure that addiction and habituation are all that different. 

 I'll wait for an expert on these terms to differentiate. I think Michael 
has taken a pretty good stab at it, to start. I think the public simply 
has a bad habit. A very bad habit. In many ways they are being 
"victimized" however. Just as the tobacco companies are to be blamed for 
their campaign to hook smokers of all ages, particularly the youth, the 
commercial establishments, retail environment, the media (radio, T.V.), 
movie moguls, entertainment industry, etc. etc. are to be blamed for 
hooking the public on wall-to-wall music/noise. Most of the public are 
"conditioned" to this environment day in and day out. They simply get 
used to it. There's no consultation process; not that the average person 
would know better to protest.

> When I go into my local mall and hear the radio nattering away in the 
> rafters, not loud enough to be really listened to, I have to conclude that 
> it is being offered solely as a sort of methadone drip to keep the 
> noise-addicted customers from feeling jittery.

  Yes, they may indeed feel jittery, but not because of a physical 
craving; more of a psychological craving, that's the difference.
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