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"Calling noise a nuisance is like
calling smog an inconvenience.
Noise must be considered a hazard
to the health of people everywhere."

- Dr. William H. Stewart, former Surgeon General of the USA

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The Noise FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) -- the basics

The Society -- who we are, what we want, and how you can join

Quiet-List -- our email listserv, a communication tool for pro-quiet activists worldwide

Noiseletter -- a collection of our recent newsletters

Leaflet -- View our two-page leaflet, which we distribute widely to raise awareness of noise pollution issues and our Society. It is designed for two-sided printing, and folding in thirds

Bookmarks -- View or print and distribute our new bookmarks

Allies & Adversaries -- links to other organizations dedicated to either stopping or making noise

Right to Quiet Legal Assistance Fund -- newly established legal assistance fund to encourage enforcement of anti-noise legislation

Quiet Travel and Silent Retreats -- We are compiling a directory of quiet travel destinations and silent retreats. Please email suggested additions to our contact addresses

Quiet Dining -- Members on Vancouver Island have compiled a list of quiet dining establishments in the Victoria, BC area. We would be glad to hear of similar establishments in the other regions from which our web site visitors hale

Resources -- Pages containing useful information on regulation, measurement, and abatement of noise

Quiet Products -- Moderate existing noise or do the same job with less noise

Quiet Ideas -- Creative ingenuity in promoting Quiet

Readings -- archive of opinion pieces, technical articles, and news from around the world. Please see our "Noiseletter" collection for more current readings

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11th Annual International Noise Awareness Day
is Wednesday, April 26, 2006

On Wednesday April 20, 2005, the 10th annual International Noise Awareness Day was observed throughout North America and in many other countries around the world, co-ordinated by the Noise Center of the New York League for the Hard of Hearing. Locally, members and supporters of the Right to Quiet Society distributed leaflets in Vancouver and other places to raise awareness about the ever increasing level of noise pollution in our environment. A report on INAD 2005 is on page 4 of our Fall 2005 NOISE-letter. Many thanks to all who helped to make this campaign successful.
Ban Noise

"11th Annual International Noise Awareness Day is April 26, 2006"

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