Noisy Apple?

"Apple unveils 1,000-song music player," reported The Vancouver Sun on January 7, 2004. The article from San Francisco states that "Apple Computer Inc. CEO Steve Jobs took to the announce the iPod mini, the smallest portable music player to hold 1,000 songs. The one-centimetre-thick iPod mini, the size of a business card, has four gigabytes of storage and will sell in five colours for $US249 when released in the USA in February. The company will ship the iPod mini worldwide in April for use with Apple or Windows computers. 'We introduced the iPod mini two years ago, and in the last two years we've sold 2 million of them,' said Jobs."

Editor's note: Here is one more gadget available to either use properly or to misuse and make more noise. We are afraid that too many alleged music lovers might do the latter.

The 9th Annual International Noise Awareness Day is scheduled for Wednesday, April 28, 2004

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Our membership dues became due at the beginning of this year (as they do each year). Some members have already renewed early, others - we hope - will still do so. Very regrettably, two years ago we sent out over 60 reminders with the fall newsletter. Only about 30 heeded that call. In 2003 we sent again over 50 reminders. Again many remained "silent", which is rather discouraging.

With this "experimental" issue of our newsletter we hope we can change that and count on your continuing support, crucial to the success of our work. We do appreciate any contribution, small or large! All dues and donations are tax deductible in Canada and a tax receipt will be issued for amounts of $10 or more and the $6 "low income" membership category.

Car alarm action

On January 13th news broke of Vancouver City Councillor Tim Stevenson having introduced the idea to possibly ban noisy, obnoxious car alarms. CTV came to interview President Hans Schmid and aired a very short clip of that recording during the late news. It was enough for other people to notice. The following day we received calls from a Saskachewan radio station, A Langara Student and reporters from the Province and The Globe and Mail newspapers.

We feel that with silent, equally effective means to protect vehicles available, the noisy variety may well be banned after a reasonable grace period. For more information on this matter visit:

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