Fun-couver fall-out

During the campaign preceding the municipal election in fall of 2002 we had an interesting experience. For the first time since our inception in 1982 we received calls from voters to inquire about who of the candidates would be likely to do something against noise. It was during that same election campaign that a group called "Fun-couver" approached council and parks-board candidates to state if they would support their "Fun"-ideas. Subsequently, a considerable number of candidates publicly pledged to do that.

The "Fun-couver" group argued that Vancouver had become a boring city due to too restrictive regulations. Amongst the group's ideas was to have many more festivals throughout the year in public parks all over the city to reduce the alleged dullness of life in Vancouver. Unfortunately, from numerous experiences we know that any such event is and will be accompanied by plenty of amplified noise and other commotion. THAT is what we object to, NOT to having fun per say. It is rather pathetic that far too often fun is synonymous with noise.

One part of allowing more fun in Vancouver was City Council's decision to extend bar opening hours from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. Our member D. Kostyshin spoke to Council against this extension. He also demanded rigorous noise control at bars and clubs, plus prompt and strict enforcement of the noise by-law; all in vain. Mayor Larry Campbell said, why would anyone live in an area with clubs and bars. Well, several area residents responded with letters to newspapers and told the mayor what they thought of his remark. It was nothing flattering, and rightfully so. When businesses and patrons break the law, nobody, least of all the mayor, should blame the quiet residents for the resulting problems.

Book donation

To comply with the required spending quota of 80% of our receipted income, our board decided to purchase 100 copies of the excellent book "STILLNESS: Daily Gifts of Solitude", by Richard Mahler. The books were donated to the B.C. public libraries, some of whom have already sent us a thank you note. For more information on the book, please see the brief review on page 6 of our Fall 2003 newsletter or on our website under "readings".

Aside of the mentioned spending quota, making good books available to the public is part of our on-going awareness campaign. In previous years we gave other books to the libraries, including our handbook "What You Can Do About Noise In B.C." We still have a considerable number of the latter and offer them for a donation.

Legal Assistance Fund

In 2003 we established a Legal Assistance Fund to help people with litigation in specific circumstances. Information and application form are available on our website. Without access to the Internet, please contact us.


Our allies, Quiet Use Coalition (Colorado), informed us about the 2nd Annual Quiet Use Forum to be held at Monarch Mountain Lodge, February 27 - 29, 2004. Citizens interested in preserving human powered recreation and the quiet back-country may wish to register. For info. and to register contact Aaron Clark at 303 650 5818 x 113 or or visit

Right to Quiet Society Newsletter, Winter 2004
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