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Spring, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of the Right to Quiet Society. Heartfelt thanks to the members of the board who keep the Society going with countless hours of voluntary work. As perhaps the oldest member with the chronological age of 82, I cannot emphasize enough what your work means to me. You are a constant reminder of how noise affects us all and an effective warning to everyone to tone down, turn down and turn off harmful noise. The Winter NOISE-Letter is yet again a testimony of the many hours generously given to protect us all from loud noise marching toward and over us. I often wonder where our hope for peace and quiet would be without the presence of all those who fight so valiantly to fulfil our desire for tranquillity. With a big THANK YOU, I will, this year, double my membership fee to help you defray some of the costs you undoubtedly incur. It is my hope that you can continue this important work for a long time to come. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

—Lin Stevens

Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of "Right to Quiet"! Here is the renewal of our membership in this important society. In my busy life, I have to say that the most annoying noise is still the "music" (?) that assaults my brain whenever I shop for groceries or visit a department store or my local recreation centre. We are all looking forward to spring and warmer weather but, along with dandelion season comes lawnmower season—usually at supper time! Anyway, we, as a family, do our bit to promote quiet in our area and it's always nice when someone says: "Yes, you are right, I never really thought about it before." Like organic gardening, it will take awhile to become mainstream, but we have to keep pressing on it.

—Barbara Burwood

President's Message
Some very encouraging complements like the two above provide good motivation to continue with our work. Over the 25 years since the inception of our Society in May of 1982, the human population around the globe has grown considerably. With that continuing growth, human activities increase, most of them generating sound. Also due to that growth, humans come to live and work ever closer to each other. Being closer together no longer allows enough attenuation space between people. Sooner or later, sound produced by some will, without fail, turn into noise for others and problems begin. Most humans also endeavour for continuing progress, meaning more wealth and conveniences. That progress affords more people than ever more leisure which, in turn, many want to have filled with entertainment. Sadly, a great deal of that entertainment is noisy and can be addictive—like, for instance, loud music. This type of addiction may well be one of the biggest challenges for us to deal with.

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12th Annual International Noise Awareness Day, Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Weather permitting, we will distribute leaflets and raise public awareness about the urgent need to prevent and abate noise in our environment. We meet at the south-east corner of Homer and Georgia Streets (north side of Library Square) in Vancouver at noon and ask you all to come out and help with this campaign. Should you wish to receive leaflets for distribution in your area, please contact us.

Participants around the world are requested to observe 1 minute of silence at 2:15 p.m. on that day, to emphasize the importance of this campaign for relief from ever-increasing noise.


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