Members report: good news, bad news

Dundarave Fish Market, 2423 Marine Dr., West Vancouver: Dr. J. Pollak complained about their muzak and left one of our "critical" cards with staff. The result: upon his next visit the muzak was turned off. Dr. Pollak also "experimented" with a Whistler restaurant for two days; all in vain.

Kishu Star Japanese Bistro, 1935 W. 4th Ave., Vancouver: Broadcasts loud music outside its door onto public sidewalk. This is a violation of the Vancouver Licencing Bylaw and an imposition to passerby.

Coho Walk 2001, Fish Hatchery - Ambleside Park, West Vancouver: A. Foster reported that a salmon barbeque dinner there was accompanied by deafening amplified music. The event was sponsored by the Capilano Fish Hatchery and the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Vancouver stores: C. Roberts chided staff and managers for the loud music several times. The usual response: a blanc stare; we need it for our customers etc.

Real Canadian Superstore, Langley, B.C.: H. Lawson and V. Dartnell wrote a letter to headquarters in Calgary to express their strong opposition to the new policy of piping music into the store. They, as many other shoppers, would prefer not to be "force fed" with music of other people's choice and, instead, be able to hear themselves think while shopping. As a tolerable compromise, they suggested to have at least one day a week without music for customers who wish to shop in peace and quiet. (We heard of no response to date).

Air Canada - Customer Solutions, Calgary: C. Broadbent wrote to commend the chief steward for his friendly, entertaining service during a flight last year, and to criticise: "... we had a 3-hour stop-over in the new terminal 1 in Toronto ... We found the constant bombardment of unnecessary noise from the TV's extremely unpleasant and could not find a relatively quiet waiting place. We would rather read a book or entertain ourselves while we wait; so could one area exist which does not have a TV (or for that matter any other entertainment)?"

Message from an anonymous sufferer

I reside in, and own a condo in downtown Vancouver, where I greatly enjoy the convenience of city living. But in November of 2002 I began experiencing problems concerning noise levels from my neighbour - primarily bass noise from a stereo and general party noise late at night. I used various methods of trying to resolve the issue such as speaking personally to my neighbour, his parents, the strata council, building security and the property manager. None of my efforts resulted in a resolution to the noise dispute, therefore I began calling 911 and making complaints to the Vancouver City Police. With persistence over many months, eventually the police were able to attend my call while the noise was occurring and gave a bylaw ticket to my neighbour. It has been relatively quiet since, but the issue is proceeding to court as my neighbour has appealed that ticket.

I am nervous about the proceedings but hopeful it will result in a positive outcome, so we can all peacefully coexist.

Best of Vancouver: Quietest haircut
Tuesdays through Saturdays between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., at 1836 Commercial Dr., Tino holds court, providing the kind of haircuts some men prefer: quick, efficient, reasonably priced, uncomplicated, and, above all, free of chatter. The place doesn't even have a business phone, at least not one that's ever revealed itself by ringing. It's not that Tino's rude or inhospitable; quite the contrary. But there's a Zen-like calm in the place that simply feels restful. Even the people waiting for their cuts don't chat much. Each person sits absorbed in his own thoughts until his turn comes. And when it is your turn, aren't you glad not to have to engage in pointless nattering? Don't you respect the fact that the man manoeuvring sharp implements around your head is actually concentrating on his job and not getting all riled up discussing politics, religion, sports, food, the weather, or how much his leg hurts? Of course you do. - The Georgia Straight

Right to Quiet Society Newsletter, Spring 2005
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