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Spring 2004

9th International Noise Awareness Day

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Please mark this date on your calendar! Weather permitting, members of the Right to Quiet Society in Vancouver will again be meeting at the south-east corner of Homer and Georgia Streets (north side of the main branch of the Vancouver Public Library) at noon to distribute our leaflets. This is one major part of our ongoing awareness campaign to draw public attention to the problems noise can cause. If you wish to join us and help or want to receive leaflets to be distributed in other locations, please call, e-mail or write us. It is important to spread the "QUIET" message if we want to reduce the ever increasing noise in this world. We do appreciate all the help we get.

Participants around the world are asked to observe at least 1 minute of silence at 2:15 p.m. local time on INA- Day, thus highlighting by contrast the often chronic noise many people and creatures are exposed to.

Postal stamps for noise awareness

In a letter of Feb. 9, 2004 President Hans Schmid wrote the Stamp Advisory Committee of the Canada Post Corpora- tion to introduce to them our Society and the idea of a cancel and a stamp to promote, for instance, INA-Day. Anne Joynt, President and CEO of Canada Post Corporation, replied on March 5 to inform that she "would be pleased to bring our suggestion to the attention of the Stamp Advisory Committee, whose mandate is to examine all stamp sug- gestions and to recommend the annual stamp program." Recommendations are made in accordance with the Stamp Subject Selection Policy:

3.2 Criteria for Evaluating Suggestions for Stamp Subjects

Suggestions are evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • appeal to broad segments of the Canadian population, encouraging Canadians of all ages to buy and collect stamps
  • relate primarily to Canada and are of national significance, for example, that
    • evoke Canadian history, traditions, accomplishments or natural heritage
    • illustrate the social, cultural, political or economic life of Canada
    • commemorate people (generally after their death) - their work, their birth or an event in their lives - to recognise outstanding contributions to Canada
  • enhance the high regards for Canadian stamps and Canada in Canadian and international philatelic circles

These criteria imply that INA-Day would have to become "National Noise Awareness Day" to qualify as a stamp motif. As for cancels, they are usually issued for individual municipalities, with designs unique to that community. For general mail processing, only corporately approved cancels that promote Canada Post's products and services are used.

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