Responding to questions from the floor, Mr. Clark mentioned that there are no such quiet gardening businesses in other Canadian cities except in Victoria. A survey by Mr. Clark revealed that 90 % of his clients stressed the importance of the quiet use of hand tools. He also gave some telling statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency in the USA about the air-pollution of lawn-mowers and particularly leaf-blowers compared with a modern automobile, the former out-polluting the latter many times over.

Hans thanked Mr. Clark for his lively, inspiring talk and presented him with a Right to Quiet T-shirt. Following his presentation, Hans welcomed the founder of our organization, John Beltz, who briefly addressed the meeting. He mused about the early years of the society, including the struggle to obtain the charitable status, which took almost three years. This being the 20th anniversary of the society, John praised all the great efforts and generosity of everybody who helped to establish and build the organization over the years.

Incidentally, the community newspaper West Ender has asked the public for input on two noisy gadgets, the gas-powered leaf-blowers and the chopper motorbikes, to demonstrate the importance of this issue to the candidates running for office in the upcoming civic election. Hans wrote a letter to the editor of the West Ender to complement them and possibly add at least a third offender, the boom & vroom cars, to make up the "Unholy Throbbing Trinity". Dr. Tyers asked what specific questions re. noise problems one should pose to the candidates, which sparked more interesting discussion. There is agreement that people need to sound out the candidates about their platform on noise issues.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

At our AGM on Oct. 23, 2002, when Roy Silverson conducted the election of the new board members, he missed to convey our gratitude to V.D. for her service of two and one half years on the board. I want to take this opportunity to make amends for this failure and offer my sincere apologies to her. Very regrettably, due to other commitments, she also resigned from writing/editing our newsletters, this being her last one for the time being. She did an excellent job and I want to thank her very much for her dedicated work.

Right to Quiet Society Newsletter, Spring 2003

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