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Spring 2003

West Vancouver Noise By-law Bogus

This is the headline of a front-page article in the North Shore News on March 9, 2003, about a recent court decision in a neighbour-to-neighbour noise problem. In one house the inhabitants played music that disturbed one of their neighbours who called the police. Several tickets under the West Vancouver noise by-law's section 2 were ostensibly issued over a period of time. The owner of the musicians' house challenged the tickets in court and won.

Very confusingly, though, the judge ruled that section 4 of that noise by-law was infringing on the noisy musicians' constitutional right to "freedom of expression" when the tickets were issued under section 2.

The police were extremely reluctant to give us any information on this matter. The complainant told us that what was reported in the media was very incomplete and full of lies from the alleged perpetrators. West Vancouver by-law supervisor Rob Metcalfe told us that the municipality is not going to appeal this verdict. If it stands it is liable to set a very disturbing precedent. We are investigating.

8th International Noise Awareness Day

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

The Right to Quiet Society is pleased to announce the 8th International Noise Awareness Day. Weather permitting, we will again be meeting at noon on the southeast corner of Georgia and Homer (north side of the main branch of the Vancouver Public Library) to distribute our leaflets and raise public awareness of noise pollution issues. Please mark your calendar - this is our major annual outreach event, and all who come to help will be warmly welcomed! For those members living outside the Lower Mainland, please contact the Society for leaflets and bulletins to distribute and post in your area.

We ask that participants around the world observe at least 1 minute of silence at 2:15 p.m. local time on INAD, April 30, 2003, thus highlighting by contrast the chronic noise many of us are subjected to in our daily lives.

Relief from piped music:

An idea being discussed on the Quiet List is for retailers such as large supermarkets to try "Quiet Tuesdays". Turning off the piped music on Tuesday would encourage those of us who prefer to shop without that distracting racket to patronize their stores on that day, and the first retailers to try this would undoubtedly reap the benefits of our continued loyalty. Please let us know if you are willing to help contact retailers with this proposal.

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