In the months of June and September we ran our noise awareness ad in several community newspapers again. This year there was comparatively little response, though it is important to be frequently seen. We did get a new member on account of the ad. We also had fifty new T-shirts made, after the previous fifty had run out. The new shirts bear the same design plus our web site address at the bottom. While we were not allowed to sell the previous ones, we could sell the new ones, but would have to charge the PST to be paid to the Provincial Government. This would involve more book work for which we would need a knowledgeable volunteer.

This summer, A& B Sound in Vancouver continued their aggressive ad campaign for high-powered stereo equipment. We considered parts of this advertising to be controversial, as in our view it incites purchasers to break the law. For instance, one of their messages read, "Disturb the peace." We filed a complaint with Advertising Standards Canada. In their reply of September 12, 2000, they wrote amongst other things: "The advertising in question uses hyperbolic and exaggerated language to highlight the sound system's capabilities. However, after careful evaluation, we do not believe that the advertising met the threshold to raise an issue under the Code." This clearly shows how lenient the "Canadian Code of Advertising (Code)", the principal instrument of advertising self-regulation is.

Aside from newspaper ads and leaflet distribution, many people find us on the Internet and ask for more information. It is one of our primary mandates to provide relevant information and advice, as stated in our constitution. This is an ongoing task throughout the year, and we would appreciate having a conscientious volunteer for doing that.

During September and October the Court heard the case of the Bridgeport residents in Richmond who sued the Local Airport Authority (at YVR) and Transport Canada over the tremendous increase in noise from the use of the new third runway. We attended the three sessions when the lawyers for all three parties submitted their final "plea". It is our hope that the residents' right to proper compensation in accordance with the Federal Environmental Review Panel's recommendations will be recognized. The judgment may be forthcoming in the near future.

Hans conducted the election of the board, which was elected by acclamation as follows: Hans Schmid (President), Roy Silverson (Vice President), Ilse Schnirch (Secretary Treasurer), and V.D. (Director / Editor).

This year we were pleased to have three members from Vancouver Island attending our AGM. Victoria member Anne Spencer had expressed interest in possibly coordinating our Island members, and wanted to get a first-hand impression. She sent a letter to our Island members to find out how much interest there might be in active participation, and then had an informal meeting in her home to discuss possible activities. Thanks to Anne for her commitment.

Suggestion from the floor: Campbell River member Dale Bradley revisited the suggestion in our Fall 2000 Newsletter of listing "QUIET" restaurants and stores, aiming to produce a brochure that can be passed around amongst friends or published.

West End member Alice Fedorenko thanked the Right to Quiet Board for their work.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m., moved by Alice, seconded by Gerald Hempler, all in favour.

-Hans Schmid, President


The presentation of the proposal entitled "Noise and Leaf Blower Report" to the Standing Committee of Vancouver City Council by the Director of Environmental Health, Mr. Domenic Losito has been postponed since our last newsletter, and is expected this Spring.

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