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Spring 2001

6th International Noise Awareness Day

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

The Right to Quiet Society is pleased to announce the 6th International Noise Awareness Day, originated by the League for the Hard of Hearing in New York. Weather permitting, we will again be meeting at noon on the southeast corner of Georgia and Homer (north side of the main branch of the Vancouver Public Library) to distribute our leaflets and raise public awareness of noise pollution issues. We had an excellent turnout last year, and some 1,200 leaflets were distributed on a pleasantly spring-like day thanks to the dedication of the members who kindly donated their time to this cause. Please mark your calendar - this is our major annual outreach event, and all who come to help will be warmly welcomed! For those members living outside the Lower Mainland, please contact the Society for leaflets and bulletins to distribute and post in your area.

We ask that participants around the world observe at least 1 minute of silence at 2:15 p.m. local time on INAD, April 25, 2001, thus highlighting by contrast the chronic noise many of us are subjected to in our daily lives.

Vancouver Island Activities

In November, Victoria member Anne Spencer (250-598-5171, <bavs@primus.ca>) met with some of the Vancouver Island members and exchanged ideas and experiences regarding efforts to achieve better soundscapes. She has kindly offered to be a contact for any members who want to get together to discuss issues or concerns in the future, and to be a coordinator for actions such as e-mail or letter-writing campaigns on the Island. She would also pass on any information a member discovers that might be of use to other members. For example, she is interested in continuing to compile a list of restaurants members recommend for a quiet evening, and those to avoid (see list overleaf). If you would like to contribute to this list please contact her.

For Victoria members' interest, the Mayor has an open house every third Friday, where citizens can have ten minutes with him to personally discuss concerns. Anne went to see him on November 17 and hopes to go often in the future. She learned that a new bylaw officer who will work evenings and weekends is to be hired. Members are invited to call the Mayor's office to press for this to happen as soon as possible.

Anne also brought up the problem of noisy leaf blowers and the Mayor suggested she bring the issue to the notice of the Environment Committee, headed by Art Vandenberg, phone number 250-361-0218. She has e-mailed him and will be following up with more contact. Members are again encouraged to help support this move to focus attention on removing this nasty machine by e-mailing or calling his office.

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