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Fall 2006 - page 6

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Allies debut in the USA


I am forming PIPEDOWN-USA with the intent to write a newsletter ("Please Pipedown"). I will also print up comment cards to let merchants and restaurants know that the loud music is not welcome.

Current goals of PIPEDOWN-USA are

• to remind the members to ask if the program audio could be turned down

• to provide information about how to make the requests reasonable and polite

• to provide references from web, the media, and literature on why turning the volume down is important and desirable

• to give some examples of how to ask a business to turn down the music or TV

• to provide information on quiet retail and restaurants

• to collect stories about other people's efforts to quiet the commons

• provide comment cards for people who wish to leave them for the management

• to publish a newsletter.


Future goals of PIPEDOWN-USA will be

to establish a web site with links to much of the above information

to start a letter campaign to targeted businesses or organizations

to conduct independent surveys of perception of program audio in North America

to influence independent researchers to study program audio and its effects
.to eventually fund independent research to study program audio.

I would very much like to get any feedback from you about these goals. There is more that could be done and knowing what some of you would like to see happen could be included in the first newsletter.

Quiet Regards,
Ruth Schiedermayer

P. O. Box 421065
Indianapolis, IN 46242-1065

Noise-Free Hawaii

In Hawaii, Mr. William George has established Noise Free Hawaii to combat noise in that beautiful part of this world. He can be reached at 46 - 3895 Kapuna Rd., Honokaa, HI 96727, T 808-775-9376, <www.noisefreehawaii.org>. Good luck!

Rolling out the hits

The new Japanese music robot Miuro, designed to turn an Apple iPod into a boom box-on-wheels that follows you from room to room, was unveiled in Tokyo by the end of August. Developed with Japanese audio-maker Kenwood Corp., the 35-centimetre (14 inch) long machine from Tokyo-based venture ZMP Inc. will cost more than $ 1,000.

Deafening security device

Window Stick Alarms Ltd. showed off its latest invention, the Alarm Stick, which is an adjustable lock and alarm for sliding windows and patio doors that locks to prevent unwanted opening. A 110-decibel alarm detects and deters burglars.

Turn it down

Italy's government plans to clamp down on broadcasters turning up the volume when they show advertisements in order to get viewers' attention. Communications Minister Paolo Gentiloni said research showed Italy's three main channels on average raised the volume on commercials by 50 per cent compared with ordinary programming, even though this is banned under Italian law. It is usually done by networks in agreements with advertisers to try to keep viewers glued to the screen during breaks.

The Vancouver Sun

Members’ report

West Vancouver: Harmony Arts Festival held a concert in John Lawson Park on August 10 that was painfully loud.

North Vancouver: This summer the Caribbean Festival at Lonsdale Key was so noisy that some businesses were losing customers.

Vancouver: A long time ago, when the managers of downtown nightclubs were told by a lady that gentlemen played gentle music, not such loud noise that deafened women, they right away went and turned down the volume. Those days are gone.

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Noise is costly: Economists in Germany estimate the total cost of noise to be 17 billion euros annually. Property value is said to decrease by up to 1% with each decibel increase over 50 dB(A). – Stern

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