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More Violence

Man, woman injured
in campground fight

Penticton, BC – RCMP received a report of an assault early Monday, July 31, that allegedly occurred at the Okanagan Provincial Park campground. RCMP responded to find a group of eight people in their 20s from the Lower Mainland at the campground, and a 62-year-old man and his wife from Regina, Saskatchewan, camped next door. The older man asked the group to keep the noise down, there was a verbal exchange, and the 62-year-old went to his truck and returned with an axe.

The situation escalated and the man allegedly struck a 22-year-old woman in the mouth with the axe handle. Four or five of the younger group then entered into a further altercation with the man who was eventually knocked unconscious. He was treated in Penticton Regional Hospital for head injuries. The female victim was also taken to hospital where she was treated and released. RCMP continue to investigate.

– Sources: The Vancouver Sun,
– CBC Radio 1 News

More arrests expected
in connection with riot

Fort St. John, BC – RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) are expecting more arrests after reviewing videotapes of a riot on Friday, June 2, that saw 20 people hauled away. "We're anticipating recommending to the Crown charges of rioting, assault with a weapon, mischief, attempted arson, causing a disturbance, creating and using an explosive device," said Sgt. Christine Goodley.

A riot broke out when police arrived at a house party to request the music be turned down. About 100 people were at the house party and once police arrived, they were pelted with bricks, bottles and Molotov cocktails.

– Canadian Press

New, interesting books out

Noise, by Bart Kosko, is a rather unconventional book. "Kosko demonstrates with many compelling examples how noise pollution damages both human and animal life and explains how engineers have waged an ongoing battle against unwanted signals in communication. But as early as the 1960s some scientists began to recognise that noise could actually have a beneficial effect if applied carefully to given situations. That discovery has had far-ranging effects in everything from the invention of the compact disc to improving the clarity of visual images to suggesting a theory for the origins of life."

This book was published in August 2006 by Viking, ISBN 0-670-03495-9.

Contact: Yen Cheong, Publicity Manager, 212-366-2275.

Pause: Putting the Brakes on a Runaway Life, by Katherine Gibson, puts the hurried life on notice. It is not an analysis of the chaos that churns within our complex society, but rather a gentle nudge to inject moments of fun, adventure, self-care and serenity into the day. Watch life dramatically improve when we eliminate meaningless activities, back-to-back commitments, and unfulfilling obligations to make room for that which gives life zest.

The book is published by Insomniac Press, ISBN: 1897178220 and is available at all bookstores and online at www.amazon.com.

Meet Katherine at Victoria's Bolen Books at 7 p.m. on November 6, 2006. Katherine will be giving a presentation at Banyen Books in Vancouver on November 9, 2006 from 6:30 - 8 p.m.
See more at www.katherinegibson.com

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