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Fall 2004

Float-plane noise petition

In North and Central Saanich on Vancouver Island a petition has been circulated regarding noise from float plane activity. Within the last few years the flight paths of the float planes in the area have been changed with resulting increases in noise levels for residents in the affected areas. The petition has been given to Gary Lunn the local MP asking for his assistance on behalf of the residents. It also asks Nav Canada - the company responsible for setting the flight paths - to alter the paths so that the resulting sound levels conform to the local noise pollution criteria, or if safety issues forestall this, to require the aircraft companies involved to use aircraft with noise characteristics that do conform. The petition was not started by the Right to Quiet Society, but all the available Right to Quiet Society members in the Saanich Peninsula and Victoria areas were contacted and were given the opportunity to sign it.

In Vancouver the float plane terminal in Coal Harbour has to be moved temporarily from its current location due to the construction of a convention centre. Flight Operators applied to simply move it about 250 metres west for three years, causing a conflict with many residents in the newly developed Coal Harbour area. As we have tried for years to get those planes to fly over Burrard Inlet instead of short-cutting over the city's residential areas, we wrote the Development Permit Board to use this unique opportunity and make this slight change in the flight path a condition of the permit.

Mr. B. Price who attended our last AGM has been pursuing this matter. In a recent letter to the editor of The Vancouver Sun he pointed out that there are up to 150 overflights daily between 6 a.m. and midnight, not including the eastside of Vancouver. One could complain if the planes flew below 2,500 feet above land, but Transport Canada does not explain how one were to determine that height. We wish many more people would complain and request from their political representatives to something about this and other noise.

Annual General Meeting - Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2004

The Society's Annual General Meeting is scheduled to be held at 7:30 p.m. on October 20, at SPEC, 2150 Maple Street, Vancouver, B.C. (2 blocks west of Burrard St., Between 5th and 6th Ave., just north of the train tracks).

Our guest will be SFU professor Dr. Barry Truax to speak on the topic of "Music versus noise?" Dr. Truax has been associated with the World Soundscape Project at Simon Fraser University for many years and also served on the Vancouver Urban Noise Task Force. Please come to hear Dr. Truax and use this opportunity to ask questions regarding the soundscape. Everyone is welcome.

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