Noise By-law Amendments re. Construction Noise

 The Vancouver City Clerk's Department sent us the following information on June 16, 2003:

RE: Noise By-law - Miscellaneous Amendments (Construction Noise)

Following the Standing Committee of Council on Planning and Environment meeting on June 12, 2003, Vancouver City Council approved the following:

(These amendments are only part of what the Vancouver Urban Noise Task Force recommended in 1997).
Executive director of the Condominium Home Owners Association (CHOA) Tony Gioventu wrote in The Province on June 20, 2003, about the strata law and offered these tips that may also be helpful re. noise issues:
"Councils and strata employees often feel empowered to write bylaws, rules or covenants that are restrictive, technically demanding, cross the boundaries of authority, and place unrealistic prohibitions on residents. Try to avoid the potential conflicts that will be both costly and destructive to your community. Before your strata proceeds with bylaws that adversely affect the rights of owners - such as limited use of property, rentals, age restrictions, pets, court actions, recovery of costs or access to strata lots - have your lawyer review the final draft."

Contact CHOA at 604-584-2462, toll-free 1-877-353-2462, fax 604-515-9643, e-mail

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