Noise Quiz

The following quiz was kindly compiled by board member Alice Fedorenko; the answers are on page 6.

1. Annoyance level of a sound is related to which of the following?

	a) Frequency content

	b) Pureness of tone

	c) Time of day / night

	d) Irregularity / fluctuation

	e) All of the above

2. Annoyance level increases with which of the following?

	a) Older age of individual

	b) Fluctuating sound

	c) Tonal sound

	d) All of the above

3. Sound irritation leads to which of the following?

	a) Eye pupils expand

	b) Slight trembling of fingers

	c) Skin temperature drops slightly

	d) Stomach juice and saliva production are reduced

	e) All of the above

4. What is the maximum acceptable level of road and rail traffic noise in bedrooms (re. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)?

	a) 55 decibels (dB)

	b) 45 dB

	c) 35 dB

	d) 30 dB

	e) 25 dB

5. An increase of about 10 dB in sound level roughly doubles the apparent loudness.

	a) True		b) False

6. Speed of sound depends on the medium. List the following four media from lowest speed to highest speed of sound transmission.

	a) Water

	b) Steel

	c) Air

	d) Concrete

7. The human ear is most sensitive to which frequency range?

	a) 20 - 1,000 Hertz (Hz)

	b) 3,000 - 4,000 Hz

	c) 500 - 4,000 Hz

8. As people age, they generally lose sensitivity to higher frequency.

	a) True		b) False

9. Which of the following barriers are effective for reducing traffic noise?

	a) Stone and concrete

	b) Thick wood

	c) Trees and shrubs

	d) Earth barrier

	e) All of the above

10. Acoustic ceiling tiles are effective for which of these?

	a) Good for blocking sound path

	b) Good for reducing echo within a room

	c) All of the above

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Right to Quiet Society Newsletter, Fall, 2002

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