Call for donations:

This is a new proposal and at the time of writing no such funds exist. One member has, however, already pledged that, as soon as the Fund reaches $400, he will add $400. We now invite donations to the Legal Fund. Not everyone is in a financial position to make huge donations, so contributions of any size are very welcome. Yet it cannot be denied that legal actions are expensive, and donations of $100 or more are going to be needed to turn this into a reality. It is appreciated that, by donating, you are helping to finance someone else's legal battles - but in the long run this will benefit everyone who is bothered by inconsiderate noise, for not only will legal precedents be set, but a general atmosphere will be established that it is not legal to cause disturbance by noise and that persons who do so can be expected to be taken to court. At present, persons who cause noise nuisance know that they can get away with it and that they are safe from prosecution. We wish to change that. Applications for legal help may be made from a victim anywhere in Canada, and, in awarding grants, no consideration will be given to the region from which the application is made.

Donations may be made to the "Right to Quiet Legal Fund", and forwarded to the address on the front page of the newsletter, as may pledges similar to the one mentioned above. Thank you in advance for any amount of financial support you are able to give to this endeavour.

7th International Noise Awareness Day

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

The Right to Quiet Society is pleased to announce the 7th International Noise Awareness Day. Weather permitting, we will again be meeting at noon on the southeast corner of Georgia and Homer (north side of the main branch of the Vancouver Public Library) to distribute our leaflets and raise public awareness of noise pollution issues. Please mark your calendar - this is our major annual outreach event, and all who come to help will be warmly welcomed! For those members living outside the Lower Mainland, please contact the Society for leaflets and bulletins to distribute and post in your area.

We ask that participants around the world observe at least 1 minute of silence at 2:15 p.m. local time on INAD, April 24, 2002, thus highlighting by contrast the chronic noise many of us are subjected to in our daily lives.

Quiet Gardening Grows

It's that time of year again - the grass resumes it's growth, and just as inexorably appears the arsenal of peace-shattering mowers, whackers, and blowers to wage war against it. But not everywhere. Graham Clark, who has been featured in our newsletter in past issues, still goes about trimming Vancouver lawns and gardens using only quiet, environmentally friendly hand tools. His business, Human Power Gardening, is reached at 604-879-4117.

Encouragingly, the trend is growing. The Silent Gardener, Sheldon and Nancy Ridout's company, now also provides Vancouver with quiet hand-powered gardening and no herbicide use. They can be reached at 604-324-3628 or cell 604-619- 7128. Victoria enjoys the benefit of this trend as well, with the services of The Cycling Horticulturalist, Traviss Corry. Since 1997 he has tended gardens organically using only hand tools towed on trailers (sometimes two or three) behind his bicycle. He offers a full range of services from basic lawn maintenance to complete landscape design and implementation, and can be reached at 250-474-0364, with web site: The Cycling Horticulturalist

If the people lead the leaders will follow.

Right to Quiet Society Newsletter, Spring 2002

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