As stated in our constitution, dated May 27, 1982, the purposes of the Society are to:

  1. Bring about public awareness of:

    1. The important part our acoustic environment, the soundscape, plays in our lives, in our mental and physical health,

    2. The degradation, the pollution of the natural soundscape which has taken place in the mechanized, motorized age and the serious effect this is having on mental and physical health, and the consequent disturbing sociological effects,

  2. Promote and further the adoption and use of the most effective muffling devices available on all machinery, motors, and power driven gadgetry,

  3. Encourage all scientific effort to reduce noise from machinery motors, engines, whether used for industrial, commercial, construction or other purposes to a minimum,

  4. Require that all new machinery, devices and gadgets have their noise level reduced to a minimum before their sale and use is authorized,

  5. Bring about recognition that protection of the soundscape is a matter of far more than local and municipal concern and is nationwide, in fact universal,

  6. Encourage through education the adoption of effective provincial, federal, and eventually international legislation to restore to a reasonable level the natural quality of the soundscape and generally reduce, abate, and eliminate noise.

Right to Quiet Society Newsletter, Spring 2002

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