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Loud TV commercials and sound levels: Sometimes when you’re watching TV, a loud commercial message can really startle you. Or maybe you've noticed a big difference in the sound level from one TV channel to another – or even from one program to another.

Why program and commercial sound levels vary. Loudness can vary for a number of reasons:

  • ad production techniques;
  • contrasting sound levels;
  • steps involved from creating a TV program to watching it.
  • Ad production techniques

    Two production techniques may be partly responsible for loud commercials; and sometimes, both are used together: Audio compression records a commercial’s soundtrack at a constant and maximum loudness level. When you’re watching a program with a normal range of sounds, an ad with audio compression can be startling. Reshaping sound works on the frequencies you hear. It increases the frequencies that alert your ear, and decreases the frequencies that are considered soothing. The result is a commercial that grabs your attention, but may also sound harsh.

    Contrasting sound levels

    Sometimes a commercial rapidly follows a tranquil scene in a program. The ad can seem very loud – even though it may not be.

    Steps involved from creating a TV program to watching it

    TV programming is made up of many different sources: New programs and ads, archival material, live and pre-recorded broadcasts. It’s handled by many people. It may come to you through cable, satellite or another distribution method and may use either digital or analog technology. Because of the many steps involved from creating a program to watching it at home, there are many opportunities for the sound volume to stray from its original levels.

    Report problems with TV sound levels

    If you’re having problems with sound levels, tell your TV service provider. Note the date and time you experienced the problem, and which channel and program or commercial you were watching. Click on Website link

    Marketing with seductive video, audio and scents

    Source of article


    "Mood Media Corporation" (formerly known as Fluid Music Canada, Inc.) is the world’s largest in-store media specialist. Through its subsidiaries Mood, Somerset Entertainment, Puretracks and Trusonic Inc. music, video and scent services are delivered to more than 155,000... (continued on Mood Media’s website)

    Music & Messaging

    Trusonic is the fruition of great music and web technology and today is the leading specialist of in-store music and messaging across 3 continents. Branded music and messaging is a powerful media for improving shopper experiences and keeping staff members happy. The right music keeps customers in-store for longer which means more sales.

    In-Store Radio

    Mood Media has a dedicated team of radio DJ’s, producers and script writers who work with more than 100 brands to produce their totally bespoke and branded radio station. Leading food retailers often utilise this media channel to promote product, communicate key messages and entertain as shoppers browse the aisles. Advertising on in-store radio can lead to a sales uplift of up to 40%.

    Scent Marketing

    Mood Media®’s Scent service transforms the perception of your brand identity and environment. Carefully selected fragrances create strong, positive links to your brand and environment that live with consumers long after they have left your business.

    Studies conducted by Mood Media® in conjunction with ESOP show that the key factors consumers consider when evaluating a commercial experience are odour, cleanliness, space and music. A good experience at this level could make the difference between customers returning or not, so making sure this experience is the right one requires expert advice and technology. The feelings of well being and harmony that are generated from the fragrances we encounter make us react without thinking, subtly altering our perception of time, and majorly influence our experience. At Mood Media®, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide services that enhance business environments.

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