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Useful Links

Worldwide allies in the struggle to address noise pollution and to preserve and protect quiet places. If you wish to add your own or other important websites to our listing, please contact us.

Acoustic City
An initiative of the City of Linz, Austria, to encourage retailers and other organisations to renounce piped-in music and imposed noise. Deutsch version

Acoustic Ecology Institute
Provides access to news, academic research, public policy advocates, and articles and essays about sound and listening.

Ban the Cannons
A group based in the Fraser Valley, east of Vancouver, Canada, fighting the use of propane cannons and other noisemakers by blueberry and grape farmers to scare away birds.

BAP Acoustics
North American affiliate of UK acoustic consultancy practice Bickerdike Allen Partners, with offices in Vancouver, BC, providing services and solutions to clients throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

A group in Surrey, British Columbia interested in exploring proactive approaches to the dog barking problem with like-minded people.

CALM (Coalition Anti-noise LesMoulins) is located in Terrebonne and Mascouche (Northeast of Montreal). CALM is a member of RQCB (Quebec Associations Against Noise).

Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, Manitoba Chapter

Citizens Against Overflights Association
Association of people opposed to aircraft overflight activity over certain areas on the island of Hawaii.

P.O. Box 840, Volcano, Hawaii, 96785
email: caoahawaii@yahoo.com
Phone 808-968-7277

Citizens for a Quiet Environment
Anti-noise group based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Council Advocacy for a Better North America is headed by George Evens in Mission, British Columbia. The council endeavours to achieve a healthier, quieter environment for humans and animals.
Phone: 604-807-2393. E-mail: thecounciladvocacy@shaw.ca.

EUROCITIES - Working Group Noise
EUROCITIES is the network of major European cities, founded in 1986. It brings together the local governments of more than 120 large cities in over 30 European countries. EUROCITIES provides a platform for its member cities to share knowledge and ideas, to exchange experiences, to analyse common problems, and develop innovative solutions, through a wide range of forums, working groups, projects, activities, and events.

EUROCITIES gives cities a voice in Europe, by engaging in dialogue with the European institutions on all aspects of EU legislation, policies and programmes that have an impact on cities and their citizens. The network is active across a wide range of policy areas, including economic development and cohesion policy, provision of public services, environment, transport and mobility, employment and social affairs, culture, education, information and knowledge society, governance and international co- peration. The Working Group Noise (WGN) operates within this network.

A Facebook noise-abatement group - Another venue for those joining together to mediate a noisy world...

Fight Anthony Henday Noise— Site dedicated to convincing the Alberta Provincial government and Edmonton City government to erect noise barriers along specific sections of the Anthony Henday Drive. The 6-lane highway is built as close as 200 meters from adjacent housing, and generates significant traffic noise. This noise affects thousands of residents and impacts resident's health, property values, and quality of life.

The Franklin Institute Online—Offers a good selection of very interesting, informative articles on stress in general and noise-related stress in particular.

The Great Animal Orchestra
Link to naturalist Bernie Krause's new book (2012), "The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World's Wild Places"

The Green Globes certification standards - These are similar to the US Green Building Council's certification standards. The certification program/scheme seems to include an appreciation of the need for noise control. The term used by the Green Globes certification goal is "acoustic comfort" and the web site has some interesting pages.

GreenSkies Network—GreenSkies is a worldwide information network of environmental organizations concerned with aviation’s environmental effects, including noise. Contact Vanja Bjorke at vanja@greenskies.org.

HEARnet—Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers. We have mixed feelings about this site. We’re glad to see someone publicizing the dangers of rock music, but advocating earplugs as a remedy is a bit like saying gas masks are a cure for air pollution. There’s not much here about the real problem—excessive amplification.

Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise—Claims to be the world’s largest anti-noise group.
Highly Sensitive PeopleOrganization based in Los Angeles. Resources, information, and help for people who experience stimuli much more intensely than most others. To HSPs, even slightly excessive amplification can be overwhelming.

Hoerstadt or Acoustic City is an initiative of Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture, which is intended to promote a conscious design of our audible environment (soundscape) in keeping with human dignity. There is also Beschallungsfrei or "free of imposed noise" and much more. Please visit www.hoerstadt.at/index.html

Hornfree in Montreal wants to ensure that car locking devices observe the 40-decibel maximum nighttime levels as recommended by Health Canada and the World Health Organisation.

Houston Citizens Against Noise Pollution & Audio Abuse/Acoustic Rape is a citizen group based in Texas to keep noise at bay. Contact: Howard Lehrman at or phone (after 3 p.m.) 281-568-5180

To see many of H.Lehrman's posts go to the Houston Back Page website or Google "Howard Lehrman" with "noise pollution", "Houston Citizens Against Noise Pollution & Audio Abuse" or "Noise-Busters of Texas".

Hyperacusis Network—Support for persons who are highly sensitive to sound. Can help to improve tolerance to noise.

ICBEN—International commission on Biological Effects of Noise. The abstracts of the contributions are available from ICBEN2008, the 9th International Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem, 21–25 July, 2008, Foxwood, connecticut, USA.

Julian Treasure's TED Talk - extracts
Sound Health in 8 Steps
5 ways to listen better
The ways sound affects us

Keys to Good Health
Vince De Benedetto, founder, researcher, and writer. I'm also the charter member of the North Jersey chapter of Noise Free America, at NoiseFree.org.

Les pollues de Montreal-Trudeau is a group of citizens living in the greater Montreal area who have had enough of the noise pollution created by the airplanes landing and taking off from the Montreal-Trudeau airport.

Maine Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles (MECALM) ...works to better regulate loud pipes. Similar groups are New Hampshire Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles, Connecticut Citizens Against Loud Motor-vehicles, North Carolina Citizens Against Loud Motor-vehicles, Indiana Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles/Motor-vehicles, and Maine Citizens For Quiet Motor-vehicles. All of these groups have Facebook pages with lots of information. Andy Ford of Maine Citizens For Quiet Motor-vehicles wrote an interesting article about muffler control. Read it here.

Markland Homes Association is involved with the abatement of noise from Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and National Library of Medicine)A US government sponsored web site that links to a search engine for medical abstracts. Here is the The Pub Med search page.

The National Society for Clean Air in Great Britain is an environmental organization that also includes the need to protect the soundscape (unlike many other such organizations), and is a member of the large European anti-noise group AICB-International Association Against Noise, with headquarters in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The Nature Sounds Society
—Dedicated to the preservation, appreciation, & creative use of natural sounds.

The Noise Abatement Society
—British society based in Brighton. Advocating for noise-sufferers for over four decades, responsible for the introduction of the Noise Abatement Act, their Helpline can be reached at 01273 878782 on weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

The Noise Center
—An arm of the Center for Hearing and Communication, formerly the League for the Hard of Hearing, based in New York.

The Noise Control Foundationorganizes frequent international conferences and workshops on noise control. Address:
29 Hornbeck Ridge, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA 12603
Tel: 1-845-471-5493 Fax: 1-845-473-9325
President: William W. Lang
E-mail: langww@noisecontrolfoundation.org.

Noise Free America—Political action group dedicated to increasing public awareness of noise pollution, and to actively lobbying for better legislative controls and enforcement, using a comprehensive array of methods.

Noise Help is a site with information on means to protect one's hearing and mask or mitigate the impact of noise

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse U.S. organization maintains a superb online library and is a leader in research and advocacy.

Noiseoff.org New York City based coalition dedicated to combatting excessive noise. Has plenty of advice and strategies for influencing City Hall.

NoiseWatch—An association in Toronto, Canada (formerly Citizens’ Coalition Against Noise).

One Square Inch Natural-sound recorder Gordon Hempton is working to get "one square inch" in several US national parks protected from any human-generated noise. That would effectively protect several kilometres around that square inch from many noise-emitting machines and vehicles, especially aircraft. Gordon Hempton is based in the State of Washington.
www.soundtracker.com—Sounds of nature recorded by Gordon Hempton

"Our Streets, Our Lives" is a citizens' group in New York City, who for the past four years has been advocating for quality of life issues for all who live and work in NYC. Visit www.ourstreetsourlives.org to learn more about this advocacy group.

A British organization fighting (with some success) against program audio in shops, pubs, etc.

Quiet Ideas for creating and marketing quiet as an amenity in communities and real estate rentals and sales.

The Quiet Place Find peace and quiet in one of twenty private vacation properties in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.

Quiet Australia—Umbrella site of anti-noise groups in Australia.

Quiet Orinda
A forum for residents against noise and air pollution from leaf blowers

Quiet Garden Movement
An organization that serves as a clearinghouse for information about access to outdoor space for prayer and reflection in various settings, and advocates for opportunities for people to experience silence, restfulness, and contemplative practices. The website offers information about quiet days, retreats, and other events. There are currently more than 300 Quiet Gardens worldwide.

Quiet Scotland
An initiative by Scottish members of Pipedown, campaigners for freedom from piped music in public places, to identify businesses in Scotland where it is possible to shop, relax, and dine without someone else's choice of music in the background.

QuietSkies.net A group on Long Island working for quiet skies.

The Quiet Use Coalition is dedicated to protecting and preserving the public soundscape, and ensuring a quite experience on an untrammelled public landscape well beyond the present generation. Contact information: QUC, P.O. Box 164, Buena Vista, Colorado 81211 USA. E-mail <info@quietuse.org>, web <www.quietuse.org>.

Quieter Please, NZ—A group primarily pursuing the problem with noise from a motor sport and race track noise, particularly the Ruapuna race track in New Zealand.

RAFHI, Residents Against Floatplane and Helicopter Intrusion A group of residents of Saanich, Vancouver Island, with whom the Right to Quiet society is working to prevent or reduce aircraft noise over residential areas.

Raise the Hammer
An article about how the dreaded leaf blower gets his comeuppance

Regional Commission for Airport Affairs—RCAA is especially concerned about the proposed expansion of the Seattle-Tacoma airport in Washington State. The site includes an excellent list of anti-airport-noise groups.

Rural Peace and Quiet in Hawaii

A website that addresses the issue of recreational off-road vehicles and their impact on rural communities.

The Rutgers Noise Technical Assistance Center (RVTAC)
The Center is part of the Air and Noise Training Program in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Rutgers– The State University of New Jersey.

The Silence the Horns project is lobbying the US and Canadian auto industry to stop using horn-based alerts to signify door locking, locating a car, and other scenarios. In Europe, most cars use flashing lights as lock feedback, while roughly half of North American cars use a less intrusive electronic tone. The Green Car Integrity Project is a blog post and site with related links.

Silent Oceans, the international campaign against ocean noise pollution is uniting resistance worldwide in order to reach the decision makers. The main source of Ocean Noise Pollution stems from Military sonar, Seismic air-guns for oil & gas exploration and shipping. Every year noise levels are increasing and have an adverse impact on marine life.

The U.K. Quiet Pages British anti-noise umbrella organization formed in 2000, consisting of a coalition including the Noise Network, Pipedown, and aircraft noise groups.

City of Vancouver (British Columbia) Engineering Department
The department has a "Soundsmart" web page and three-part sound management series of booklets, including practical, useful information regarding sound-proofing a house and more.

The Vancouver Soundwalk Collective
Organises and leads soundwalks for soundscape awareness training.

Venus Project at the University of Victoria
Endangered whales research is carried out at the VENUS Project, University of Victoria, British Columbia, to determine the impact of constant marine noise.

Wild Sanctuary
Features an audio archive of field recordings from the late 1960s containing over 4,500 hours of wild soundscapes.

World Forum for Acoustic Ecology
Focuses on aesthetics of the soundscape rather than political action.

UK Noise Association

Disclaimer: Inclusion among the links on this page does not reflect endorsement by the Right to Quiet Society.

World Health Organization Definition of Health

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

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