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Ban Boom Cars--focus group for people working against boom cars. To join, e-mail ban-boomcars-subscribe@smartgroups.com.

Ban the Cannons--A group based in the Fraser Valley, east of Vancouver, Canada, fighting the use of propane cannons and other noisemakers by blueberry and grape farmers to scare away birds.

Ban Leafblowers in Walnut Creek -- a good starting point for info on the fight against gas-powered blowers, especially in California

Citizens Against Audio Trespass -- Anti boom car site, includes a signable petition to U.S. Congress.

Citizens Against Noise of Hawaii -- Hawaii bears the burden of nearly 50% of U.S. helicopter tourism. It is now simply impossible to go anywhere -- even in the state's two federally designated wilderness areas -- without being bombarded by the effects. For more information, e-mail pvnlog@aloha.net.

Citizens for a Quiet Environment -- Anti-noise group based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Cut Amplified Noise -- a British group formed to protect the liberty of individuals to walk in the park, sunbathe on the beach, travel in comfort, and relax at home, all without some stranger's choice of music being forced upon them. CAN believes that people have the right to choose whatever music pleases them, provided it doesn't infringe on the right of others to pursue their own activities in silence. Contact fabian.acker@easynet.co.uk.

GreenSkies Network -- GreenSkies is a worldwide information network of environmental organisations concerned with aviation's environmental effects, including noise. Contact Vanja Bjorke at vanja@greenskies.org.

HEARnet-- Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers. We have mixed feelings about this site. We're glad to see someone publicizing the dangers of rock music, but advocating earplugs as a remedy is a bit like saying gas masks are a cure for air pollution. There's not much here about the real problem -- excessive amplification.

Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise -- claims to be the world's largest anti-noise group.

Honku -- Brooklyn site focused on combatting the widespread recreational honking of car horns; features haiku verses sent in by visitors to the site.

Michael Wright's Collection of Obnoxious Boom Car Ads.

The Nature Sounds Society -- Dedicated to the Preservation, Appreciation, & Creative Use of Natural Sounds.

The Noise Abatement Society -- British society based in Brighton. Advocating for noise-sufferers for over four decades, responsible for the introduction of the Noise Abatement Act, their Helpline can be reached at 01273 878782 on weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

The Noise Center -- An arm of the League for the Hard of Hearing, based in New York.

Noise Free America -- Political action group dedicated to increasing public awareness of noise pollution, and to actively lobbying for better legislative controls and enforcement, using a comprehensive array of methods.

The Noise Network -- the successor to the Right to Peace and Quiet Campaign in the United Kingdom. Their address is P.O. Box 327, Chatham, Kent ME5 8AW. They can also be reached at 07887 940004 (mobile), or by e-mail to noise.network@btinternet.com.

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse-- this U.S. organization maintains a superb on-line library and is a leader in research and advocacy.

NoiseWatch -- an association in Toronto, Canada (formerly Citizens' Coalition Against Noise)

Pipedown -- a British organization fighting (with some success) against program audio in shops, pubs, etc.... They can be reached by email at pipedown@btinternet.com

Pipedown Germany--German branch of Pipedown, contact Harald Fiedler at pipedown@t-online.de, German or English correspondence.

How to Complain About Muzak in the U.K. -- Pipedown member Terry Birchmore has created this site to help people direct their protests against piped music more effectively.

Quiet Australia -- Umbrella site of anti-noise groups in Australia.

Quiet Use Coalition -- a Colorado-based group working for motor-free zones on U.S. national lands and waters.

Regional Commission for Airport Affairs -- especially concerned about the proposed expansion of the Seattle-Tacoma airport. The site includes an excellent list of anti-airport-noise groups.

Silent Oceans , the international campaign against ocean noise pollution is uniting resistance worldwide in order to reach the decision makers. The main source of Ocean Noise Pollution stems from Military sonar, Seismic air-guns for oil & gas exploration and shipping. Every year noise levels are increasing and have an adverse impact on marine life.

Rutgers Noise Technical Assistance Center -- offers assistance in the development of community noise enforcement programs, including ordinance drafting and court-recognized Community Noise Enforcement Certification courses.

Sound Rights -- a right-to-quiet organization in the Puget Sound region. You can reach them by snail mail to P.O. Box 4665, Seattle WA 98104, or by e-mail to soundrights@hotmail.com

The U.K. Quiet Pages -- British anti-noise umbrella organization formed in 2000, consisting of a coalition including the Noise Network, Pipedown, and aircraft noise groups.

World Forum for Acoustic Ecology -- this organization's focus is on the aesthetics of the soundscape rather than on political action. Their site is well worth a visit.

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BirdGard -- manufacturers of shrill alarms designed to discourage birds deemed undesirable. In addition to vineyards and orchards, they even promote their alarm use in residential areas!

Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate-- these are the people who are turning the Pacific Ocean into an acoustical hell for four years, in the name of science. They reason that because whales are not actually fleeing from their noise generators, no harm is being done to marine life. One might as well conclude that leaf blowers and unmuffled motorcycles are benign because people don't visibly react to them. Scary.

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