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Quiet Projects for INAD 2018

For International Noise Awareness Day 2017, one of our New York City members and two fellow noise activists observed the day by holding an educational event at a public library in Brooklyn.

The group collected books within the Brooklyn library system related to acoustics, sound, noise, quiet, and silence, setting up a book display on a large table in a high traffic area of the library, and provided information to library patrons for several hours. Organizing and participating in the event was so rewarding that we have decided to plan early for INAD 2018. We've initiated a project to encourage our members and all who care about peace and quiet to raise awareness of the soundscape.

For the 2017 Brooklyn event, the organizers donated two books that were missing from the library system's collection, the children's book Listen to the Raindrops and the book Why Noise Matters, and realized that a way to raise awareness of sound and noise was to help build a more comprehensive collection through book donation.

The Right to Quiet Society has donated many books throughout the years first giving a copy of a handbook about noise to each of the 238 libraries in British Columbia. Next the Society purchased 240 copies of Listen to the Raindrops and Murray Schafer's Book of Noise and had them distributed to all libraries. The Society also purchased 60 copies of Richard Mahler's book Stillness: Daily Gifts of Solitude for a selection of libraries, and purchased more than 50 copies of Gordon Hempton's One Square Inch of Silence (book with CD) for a selection of libraries.

Our plans for INAD 2018 will include a book donation component, and will involve other activities for those able to commit to different levels of involvement.

Book Donation This will involve donating a book, a set of books, or a journal subscription to a public or private library. This should be worked out with library staff.

Display Case Design This will involve arranging for the design of a library display case scheduled to commence on or shortly before INAD 2018.

Submission of a Position Statement An option for organizations and public figures who are invited to submit to us a statment about sound, silence, quiet, and noise as relates to human health and the health and stewardship of natural habitats.

"People should not need a law to tell them to be courteous... but I am afraid that it is one of the pities of the age we live in."

Edward Thomas, chairman of the British lobby group Campaign for Courtesy (formerly the Polite Society)

- The Daily Telegraph
RTQS Newsletter, Winter, 2005



About the Right 

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